Monday, 13 March 2017

Summary Of A Nation’s Strength  Written by R.W. Emerson 

The American poet. R.W. Emerson, wrote this poem. This is a patriotic song.
A nation does not become great by acquiring heaps of gold. 
A Nation’s Strength  Written by R.W. Emerson Summary

People with strong will power can make a nation great. A nation needs honest men who stand first to serve the country. Those men suffer and sacrifice long for the good of the nation. We need such people.

Brave people do not relax. They work earnestly while others sleep. Work is worship to them. T venture to do any difficult task when others turn their backs. They are the pillars of the nation. They raise the nation to great heights. Such selfless, industrious, brave and dedicated people are the strength of the nation.


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